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Frangipani Grove

This website is a personal collection of frangipani compiled by Tom & Dennis. Tom had a small collection of frangipani when Dennis moved to the farm in 2008 with over 3,000 seedlings and named varieties as well as a commercial hothouse and all the necessary equipment to advance it. Once there Dennis started planting up to 5,000 seeds a season and between them they selected only the best of those that flowered as keepers to propagate. Tom was responsible for most of the physical work due to Dennis's previous injuries, Dennis had the knowledge and experience with the technical side of frangipani. In 2011 Dennis went on a trip to Thailand to buy new varieties then went again in 2012 as they wanted to add many new varieties to the farms gene pool for their pollination work as well as to get previous unseen varieties there. This has resulted in many varieties that are not available elsewhere in Australia.

There is now around 6,000 varieties at the farm, some are unique to the farm, it is a credit to Tom and Dennis to have such a private/personal collection as large as this in Australia. They have done it all by themselves over the years simply due to their fascination with this wonderful plant. Dennis now lives in Thailand so he can get much quicker results with his cross pollination work but still travels back to the farm so that he can help with the grafting/pollination etc of their collection. He also takes cuttings off all of his trees at the farm to take back to Thailand, eventually they will add all the new varieties created to their farm collection.

The farm is not a commercial business as such, some pieces do become available when trees are cut to shape them and to make cross pollination work easier, this helps them to cover any overheads in the upkeep of the trees only. 
In the following pic pages there are pics from both the farm and the thai grove, many varieties are at both, the new ones from the cross pollination work will eventually be at the farm as well as in Thailand.  More pics will be added as they become available.